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Watch What Happens When This Guy Attaches A 1000W LED Bulb To A Drone Robots & Drones 

Watch What Happens When This Guy Attaches A 1000W LED Bulb To A Drone

What would happen if you attach a 1000W Led Lightbulb to a $17k drone? Besides getting the most creative, impressive and absorbing compilation of artwork and cinematography, additionally it is bound to raise A LOT of UFO sighting reports as it hovers over fields and houses in the nighttime sky.

Although this attachment was done to get some never seen shots before, in the procedure, the originator has developed an impressive stage which can be used by emergency service, saving service, police, fire department, medics, security teams and even the military for low light operations.

This astonishingly powerful lighting fix opens up to a potential of launching refined products that could actually save lives.

It may be essential to anyone who works outside at nighttime, although the applications will not remain restricted to emergency services. Oil spills cleanings in the ocean can be one of the other limitless applications of the drone light fix, or just using it for entertainment purposes.

Hence, flying a drone really feels like a thing of the future! Are you eager to learn how to fly a drone yourself? Click here!

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