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3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in Mid-Air 3D Printing 

3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in Mid-Air

BERLIN (Reuters) – 3Doodler says their new 3D printing pen is the business’s most innovative and will give professional designers the power to ‘draw’ sophisticated 3D designs in mid air.

3D printing pencils have been for several years in the marketplace. But the 3Doodler Pro takes it to a completely new dimension. It gives professionals, including designers and architects, the power to sketch out their creative vision in mid air.

Maxwell Bogue, CEO & cofounder of 3Doodler have said that the 3Doodler Pro is rather about taking it a step further, the relation to the skill and the usage of various substance.

The 3Doodler are offering printing pens of substantially bigger width, and have different materials accessible (wood, brass, copper, polycarbonate, ABS and PLA. All of these have completely different properties and uses, and in addition they have different temperatures and different rates which is why the 3Doodler have all the variability on the professional 3D pencil itself. It really offers professionals to make design for 3D printing in mid-air.

The high performances of the 3D printing pen features several improvements that are creative, like dials to correct rate and temperature of the plastic as it is being dispensed.

Depending on what you are doing, for instance if you are drawing in the atmosphere, you clearly need to have it chillier. If you are joining two bits together, you really need to have it somewhat hotter so that the matter weld together better. And the guys from 3Doodler Pro have it right, with very easy control features, reverse button and forward button.

The manufacturers say complex structures can be assembled fast – perfect for visualization of a prototype design, before turning on the computer.

Maxwell commented further that this 3D printing pen lets architects and designers to create a design for 3D printing, constructions that they need to create to actually bring their work to reality. Before you actually go into a 3D application or something like that, you can in fact only sketch it out and see if the idea has value or not.

The 3Doodler Pro was unveiled at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. It’s accessible now, with costs beginning at 249 dollars.

See a more inexpensive option for a 3Doodler 3D Printing pen HERE.

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