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About us

Evolu7ion is a viral news site that features all latest evolutionary news, information and videos on what is going to shape our future. AI, drones, 3D printing and virtual reality are just part of the topics you can stumble across this evolving website and community that is set on a mission to celebrate and appreciate all technological achievements that have improved life among humans all over the world!

Who we are?

chemistry-575651_640Here at Evolu7ion, we are not a group of experts, innovators and scientists, but we are a collective who, since early childhood, have been fascinated about all those mind-blowing technological achievements that have bettered our human civilization.

Throughout our short lifetimes here on Earth, we have been able to see tremendous progress when it comes down to how technological advancement affects our daily lives. We could have hardly imagined 20 years ago that we could obtain banking, shopping, transport, employment, or even do dating through online services, platforms, softwares and apps. But it has all changed, and will continue to change at a fast pace!

Being perpetually fascinated from the human will, and curious how human persistence enables us to face the biggest evolutionary challenges that we come across as a civilization, we have launched Evolu7ion as a space where we can share knowledge, information and experience that will speak about those technological achievements that strive to shape our common future.

What we do?

With the speedy growth of the tech sphere, we are seeing magnificent creations such as the Tesla self-driving car, flying drones or even serious plans where humans aim to colonize other worlds outside Earth. Literally, we see these types of news on a daily basis. Seeing how freaky amazing our little human brains can do in such a short time instance, has always fascinated the geeky sides of our brains. Hence, we have launched Evolu7ion, a common space where we can all follow the latest news coming from the tech-sphere.

Who will love Evolu7ion?

Everybody who is at least little bit curious, or fascinated about the world of robots, drones, 3D printing or tech gadgets that make our lives better, will fall in love with Evolu7ion! More than that, you can become a core contributor if you have the creative brains for writing yourself. Learn more here!

We are all together on this single journey as a humanity, and at Evolu7ion, we come together to celebrate and appreciate the best human achievements when it comes down to technology. Those happen on a daily basis all throughout our lovely and never sleeping home – Earth!

Let’s Grow Together!