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Animals vs. Drones!! Drones Attacked by Animals Robots & Drones Trending 

Animals vs. Drones!! Drones Attacked by Animals

It looks like these animals do not appreciate having their privacy invaded by people flying drones. They take the offensive and begin to attack these flying menaces.

Must see videos of drones attacked by animals:

video source: Neckbeard Network

Well, you can avoid this issue if you know how to fly your drone really well and perform the best maneuvers to avoid the animal. Anyways, it’s fun… until the big birds arrive. Then, nothing will really help you as eagles are the real masters of the sky.

See also how Phantom 3 Gets Kidnapped by Two Eagles:

video source: harry08

Well, as humans it seems that we can do many things. We can use our drones to film fireworks, live events and make some really astounding shots or even have some adrenaline drone racing battles, but when it comes down to who is the ultimate lord of the skies, I don’t think we have too much chances with eagles. However, learning how to fly a drone is super fun, and it just may be a skill of the future!

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Then get yourself a drone & try to bother an animal

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