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Company Wants to Resurrect Humans with Artificial Intelligence Within 30 Years Innovation Trending 

Company Wants to Resurrect Humans with Artificial Intelligence Within 30 Years


Recall the sci-fi movie Transcendence where the main character dies and his consciousness gets transferred into a computer? It’s not impossible that something like this may shortly become a reality this is what one business claims.

Well, at the second, this kind of possibility still belongs to the group of science fiction, but it appears that a startup called Humai has some ambitious plans for making it happen. The firm really guarantees to resurrect people by transferring their consciousness into an artificial body.

Actually, the technology needed to do something like this doesn’t exist yet, but the firm claims in order to resurrect the first person within 30 years.

Are they going to realize it? According to the company’s web site, step one will be to shop info of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and tips about how your body functions from the inside out with the aid of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.

Subsequently, this information will be coded into multiple detector technologies, that will be assembled into an artificial body with the brain of a dead person. As it grows using cloning technology, we’ll restore the brain.

Also, Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra has shown additional details of the procedure in his interview with PopSci, saying that the brain will be frozen after passing using cryonics and then saved until there’s a technology effective at planting it into an artificial body.

By measuring brain waves the man-made body functions will be controlled with your ideas. As the brain ages, good use nanotechnology enhance and to fix cells. Cloning technology will help with this also, he said.

These thoughts may seem quite bright while in reality there is not any strong evidence that ones consciousness can be downloaded from the brain and transferred into a machine, just like a computer file can be copied to another computer via USB. Its much more complicated than that.

Furthermore, the claim that the man-made body can be controlled with ones ideas is scarcely tenable. Even though specific technical progress innovative implants via brain waves and of the recent years made it possible to control things like robotic arms, there’s no practical means to control a whole body that is man-made.

Its also worth noting the brain isn’t the only organ that determines the way we believe, act and feel. The truth is, other parts of the body participate in controlling our behaviors. By way of example, hormones created by our glands can in fact affect our choices and activities, as well as that consciousness doesn’t equivalent head or brain. Its more complicated than that. There’s much evidence to indicate that consciousness may not be local in any way, and that our body might only be our brains and consciousness vessels only the receivers of consciousness much like the antennae in your radio.

Regardless, even if consciousness uploading becomes possible one day, it’s improbable that science and technology will be improved enough to make it occur in 30 years from now, or perhaps it already is.. Deep inside a few of these black projects that are kept concealed, but thats a whole another matter entirely. Till then, those who desire to live eternally will need to accept the notion of the inevitability of departure.

What about you, do you want to live eternally? We’d love to hear your ideas on this.


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