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Firefighter Drones Come to Rescue New York City Robots & Drones 

Firefighter Drones Come to Rescue New York City

Source: New York Times

Source: The New York Times

Look up in the heavens, is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a fire fighter drone!

Setting out fires in New York is a demanding and dangerous occupation. Running into a burning building is life threatening, but with assistance from drones flying over the city heavens it may make things a little simpler for New York’s Most Courageous.

Members of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) will work small guy-less flying machines to discover the severity of significant fires and crises. The pictures, produced in high definition in real time will advise commanders on how best to react.

Source: The New York Times

Source: The New York Times

This isn’t your typical hobbyist drone that is annoying. It costs $85,000, recording both conventional . pictures video and infrared Keeping up with the FDNY picture, the drone is painted fire-engine red weighing in at around eight pounds.

Daniel A. Nigro, the New York fire commissioner told the New York Times, “Technology like this is a tremendous edge for us and for fire departments around the state.”

Drones will change the face of firefighting in large cities whose strategy protocol has stayed consistent through the years. This unmanned aerial vehicle will see what’s occurring at a scene manner before fire fighters are dispatched into dangerous and quick-moving scenarios.

On September 11, 2001 the understanding of the section commander’s when confronted with the enormity of the terrorist attacks shortcomings became clear. Since that time, technology has played a tremendous part.

The Command Tactical Unit after deployed fire fighters with cameras to try and get different views of a fire in a refurbished ambulance because the gear was bulky. Members of the unit are dispatched with a backpack loaded with a smartphone, a tablet PC and a Wi-Fi hot spot apparatus.

Source: The New York Times

Source: The New York Times

The drone first became a promising instrument to evaluate and help when hobbyist drone operator Brian Wilson used his DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter to get pictures of a 2014 gas explosion in East Harlem, where eight people died and two buildings fell. This sent up a red flag to the fire department on how they could reap the benefits of a bird’s-eye view of the scene.

Getting clearance to fly drones over Manhattan presented a number of challenges for the FDNY including limited airspace, or something as easy as becoming tangled in a tree. Working with the Federal Aviation Administration solved that issue by getting clearance before a drone’s takeoff. Timothy E. Herlocker, the manager of the section’s operations centre said it should take about 15 minutes. That’s time that is valuable to a fire fighter. But the section is being fastidious no matter the challenges and the terrain.

“We’re working toward having the ability to deploy this everywhere in the city,” Herlocker

The fire department has been taking the drone on evaluation runs behind a section facility in the Castleton Corners neighborhood of Staten Island. The testing has given them an opportunity to minimize interested passersby and barking dogs. It requires two individuals to use a drone; the controls operate, and an onlooker acts as copilot keeping the place clear.

Source: The New York Times

Source: The New York Times

Anticipate the drone to begin doing its job in Nyc in the forthcoming weeks, reacting to two- fires that are greater or alarm. By year’s ending will be added.

New Yorkers can feel a bit safer understanding fire fighter drones are coming to the rescue.

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