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You Can Use This Powerful Little Flashlight To Start A Fire And Cook Breakfast Gadgets Trending 

You Can Use This Powerful Little Flashlight To Start A Fire And Cook Breakfast

FlashTorch Mini is a lightsaber in real-life, or close to it as it gets. The little torch has an end product of 2300 lumens of halogen light, adequate to get a fire going or to cook your breakfast.


Picture Source: Wicked Laser


The Wicked Laser has developed the FlashTorch Mini using anodized, machined aircraft-grade aluminium. The ultra-bright torch -resistant lens and an efficient reflector.


Picture Source: Wicked Laser

The FlashTorch Mini is a flashlight in the actual sense. If held too close to it the intense glow of the torch can light up an inflammable substance. The 2300-lumen lamp can cook eggs for your breakfast if the frying pan is balanced atop the FlashTorch Mini and may even melt plastic.


Picture Source: Wicked Laser

The end product of the FlashTorch Mini is equal to the light emitted by 100 incandescent lightbulbs or a hallway-sized video projector. On the other hand, the 2300-lumen FlashTorch Mini is less strong than the first FlashTorch


Picture Source: Wicked Laser

As opposed to the first edition of the FlashTorch, the FlashTorch Mini is fairly streamlined; almost 8.5 inches long and weighs just 0.85 pounds, making it easier to carry around.


Picture Source: Wicked Laser

So the users can preserve the battery life the FlashTorch Mini comes with three intensity settings. The Li-ion battery of the FlashTorch Mini can continue as long as 100 minutes at a lower intensity and keeps going for 60 minutes at maximum strength. The instance of the FlashTorch Mini contains the charger without removing the light from the case so it can be recharged.

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Picture Source: Wicked Laser

The Wicked Laser has contained an automatic lockout mode to ensure that the very strong FlashTorch Mini will not place your pants on fire, in the literal sense. The FlashTorch Mini can be bought for $200.

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